Embrace the Slow Life: A Gin Inspired by Nature's Most Relaxed Creature

"Sip, Savor, and Celebrate Every Moment with the Unique Taste of the Tropical Jungle."


Jungle Flavor in Gin


"A tropical journey in every sip"

Sloth Gin blends classic gin ingredients with exotic botanicals, offering a unique taste experience. Inspired by the sloths of Central and South America, this gin incorporates fruits like passion fruit, soursop, and starfruit, among others, to transport you to a tropical paradise with every drink.

Tropicality Without Alcohol


"The spirit of the jungle in your glass"

Sloth Spirit is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to Sloth Gin. With a distinctive tropical flavor, this drink captures the essence of the jungle and its vibrant flavors. Ideal for those seeking a refreshing and exotic experience without the alcohol content.

What makes us different

Sustainability, Quality & Mindfulness

At the heart of Sloth Gin lies a blend of Sustainability, Quality, and Mindfulness. We believe in crafting not just a drink, but an experience that respects nature, delivers unparalleled quality, and encourages a mindful approach to life, much like the sloths we adore.

Every bottle we produce echoes our commitment to the planet. From using recycled materials to supporting sloth habitats, we ensure our footprint is green.

Our meticulous approach ensures that every sip of Sloth Gin is a testament to premium craftsmanship, blending classic and exotic flavors seamlessly.

Inspired by the serene nature of sloths, we advocate a life of mindfulness, urging everyone to savor moments and cherish tranquility.

About us

"From Twin Passions to Tropical Sensations"

Born out of a shared passion for gin, we, twin brothers from Switzerland, embarked on a journey that led us to the creation of Sloth Gin. Our love for gin was not new; during our college days, our collection boasted over 80 different gins from around the world. This passion was further ignited when we set up pop-up gin bars, first in a former private bank’s empty counter hall and later on the bustling streets of Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse.

Our adventures took a turn when we traveled through Central and South America. The mesmerizing beauty of the landscapes, the vibrant cultures, and most notably, our unforgettable encounters with sloths, inspired us deeply. These gentle creatures, with their slow-paced lives and contented smiles, became our muse. We decided then that our dream gin would pay homage to these sweet creatures.

But our journey didn’t stop at just creating a gin. We wanted to make a difference. We realized the importance of sustainability and ensuring that our production process was as eco-friendly as possible. From using recycled glass in our bottles to ensuring quality at every step, we were committed to making choices that were good for the planet. Moreover, with every bottle of Sloth Spirit sold, we contribute 15% of the proceeds to sustainable projects that protect sloths and their habitats. And to ensure that the rest of the world benefits too, we plant a tree in Asia, Africa, or South America for every bottle sold.

Our mission with the Sloth Company is simple: to bring a bit of coziness and mindfulness to today’s fast-paced world. Through our gin, we aim to share the fascinating lifestyle of sloths, the incredible diversity of their habitats, and the joy of life in Central America. Our motto? “Don’t Hurry, Be Happy!” So, here’s to enjoying the unique taste of the Caribbean, right in the comfort of your home.

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