Our mission is simple, to bring to market the finest, smoothest, and tastiest vodka that appeals to all! Rocavaka is a distinctive vodka.

Passionately focused on value and quality we invite all to join us as we Rocavaka®, the worldwide lovers of fine tasting Vodka!


Bobby Fallas a Long Island native and entrepreneur created the brand Rocavaka® as a platform to support musical artists of all genres, celebrities, and athletes. Custom exclusive limited-edition bottles create brand awareness and revenue stream for the celebrity.

After visiting the Madrid vineyards where the Spanish Tempranillo grapes are grown and doing numerous taste tests with the Master Distiller, Bobby knew that the “grape” taste was what he was looking for to differentiate the Rocavaka® brand from other on the market vodkas. Distilled five times in tailor made copper stills the distinctiveness of the grape spirit along with the extended distillation process grant Rocavaka® an exceptional smoothness and a sophisticated fruit taste. Rocavaka is a unique organic and gluten free vodka.

A new addition to the Rocavaka family is Craft Vodka Cocktails. The different flavors have been created using Rocavaka and fruits (no artificial flavors) and all natural extracts to create a sparkling vodka cocktail.

Always the innovator, Bobby keeps the Rocavaka brand expanding into new and exciting markets.


Dee Snider Brand Ambassador

Dee Snider’s international notoriety as lead singer of the band Twisted Sister, actor, and director is known for his generosity to charity and not-for-profit organizations. Dee’s like-minded philosophy made Rocavaka choice for our 1st Brand Ambassador a win-win decision!

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