The Forbidden Fruit of the Elephant Tree


Marula Magic: A Global Botanical Gin Symphony

The marula fruit grows on the marula tree or elephant tree, so called because elephants like to eat this fruit. The marula fruit starts to ferment in their stomach, making the elephants drunk.

Inspired by this phenomenon, we decided to create a new gin based on the marula fruit from Namibia. Other well-known, handpicked botanicals include juniper berries from Tuscany, lavender from Provence, rose petals from Bulgaria, coriander from India and orange blossom from Spain.

The blend of these fine ingredients from across the world results in a sensual gin with an exotic touch.

marula gin pomegranate

Marula Pomegranate: Blushing Symphony of Fruity Delights

A lusciously smooth and inviting gin that tantalizes your senses with its delicate blush hue. This captivating spirit is infused with the essence of pomegranate, creating a delightfully sweet and aromatic experience that evokes the flavors of succulent raspberries, wild strawberries, and juicy blackberries.

Derived from the foundation of Marula gin, our Pomegranate variant maintains the same core ingredients while showcasing the star fruit in a spectacular manner. The meticulous distillation process, repeated thrice, ensures a refined and highly enjoyable sip every time.

Indulge in the irresistible charm of Marula Pomegranate gin, perfect for savoring neat, on the rocks, or as a vibrant addition to your favorite cocktail creations. Elevate your taste buds and immerse yourself in the fruity symphony of this alluring gin.

MARULA liqueur

Café Marula: Exquisite Fusion of African Flavors

A masterfully crafted concoction that marries the energizing potency of caffeine-rich Kenyan coffee beans with the luscious sweetness of the African elephant tree’s marula fruit. This unique fusion results in a beverage that awakens the senses and transports you to the enchanting landscapes of Africa.

As the robust floral notes and invigorating acidity of the premium coffee beans harmonize with the delightful marula fruit, the flavors unite to create a taste sensation that’s both exotic and familiar. Café Marula is a versatile drink that can be savored on the rocks, relished in creative cocktails like the Espresso Marula, or enjoyed in any other way your imagination and taste buds desire.

Embrace the allure of Café Marula and indulge in an extraordinary flavor journey that celebrates the best of Africa’s vibrant culinary heritage.

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