Nature's Best, Distilled: Where Mountains Whisper and Oceans Inspire.

Crafting World-Class Spirits, Inspired by Global Flavors and the Pacific's Heartbeat: A Journey of Taste, Tradition, and Innovation

Smooth as a western Canadian sunset


"Gold-Medal Whisky with a Honeyed Legacy"

James Bay Distillers’ Galloping Goose Canadian whisky is a 3-year aged bourbon-recipe, with notes of caramel, vanilla, crème brulé and pecan pie. It makes an exceptional old fashioned cocktail or whisky ginger.  “The Goose” is bottled at 88 proof so if served over ice, even the last sip tastes like whisky.  Rated “Canadian of the Year” in Hong Kong and 97-points in Las Vegas.

Galloping Goose: Cognac Cask Elegance


cognac cask finish

Canadian spirit meets French finesse in every drop

Dive into the world of Galloping Goose Canadian Whisky, a masterpiece aged to perfection in the heart of Canada and elegantly finished in French Martel cognac casks. This award-winning whisky boasts tantalizing notes of caramel, vanilla, dark cherry, and a hint of dark chocolate, culminating in a rich plum aftertaste. Crafted meticulously from corn and matured for three years in charred oak barrels, every drop tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation. Experience the harmonious blend of Canadian heritage and French sophistication with Galloping Goose’s Cognac Cask Finish

Barrel Finished Gin


"Gold Medals, Aged Gin: Intriguing Flavors, Bourbon-Cognac Legacy"

Gintrigue Gin is a barrel-finished London Dry with at least 31 months in a French Martel cognac cask, and the flavors are “gintriguing,” with many baking spice and cognac notes. Use this with cardamon bitters or as an old fashioned style cocktail!  Gold Medal from NYC’s “Fifty Best,” and 95-points from Hong Kong.



"A Symphony of Berries with Ube Elegance"

Berry & Ube Gin boasts 5 different berries (bilberries, saskatoons, haskaps, wild-harvested Oregon grape and black currants) with an ube finish. Ube is a Pacific Island “sweet potato” that tastes like vanilla and pistachio.  Use this with lime, Curacao and club soda for a wonderfully luminous ‘kazi.  The distinctive purple amethyst color is from the botanicals.  The only gin in the world with ube!

Dinner Gin: Seattle's Rainy Toast to Grilled Delights

seattle dry gin

"Umbrella Dances: Zesty Celebrations with Every Sip"

Seattle Dry Gin takes its name to joke about the infrequent dry spells in the Seattle area! Developed in collaboration with a chef in Seattle, this coriander-forward 90-proof gin is a “dinner gin,” and pairs with anything from the grill:  burgers, steaks, lamb, pork or even gyro and shawarma.  Try also as a raspberry gin fizz!

Mermaids' Choice: A Sea of Flavors, Royally Inspired

Navy gin

"Two-Faced Gin: Lemony Highs, Elderflower Lows, Dangerously Smooth"

James Bay’s Navy Gin uses elderflower, vanilla and lemon for its signature botanicals. Lemony at the high proof, the gin transforms to elderflower as the proof drops with ice, water or a mixer.  The 3 botanicals were a favorite combination of the late Queen of England.  Rated “dangerously smooth” by judges in 2 competitions.

Smooth Tribute: Nature's Essence, Distilled Perfection


"Crafted Excellence: From Ocean's Majesty to Silken Sip"

Strait Up Killer Vodka pays tribute to the nearby Strait of Juan de Fuca and the resident killer whales in its name. Made using corn and wheat, distilled to 192 proof and then processed with special filtration learned from super premium producers east of Moscow and in Eastern Europe – this vodka was rated “1 of the top 9 vodkas” and “1 of the top 100 spirits in the USA” in 2022.

Sip the Summer: Citrus & Passion


"An Award-Winning Journey from Whiskey to Gin Delight"

Summer Gin No. 5 is a “gateway gin,” that brings whisky drinkers to the gin world! Featuring orange blossom, kumquat, mandarin, tangerine and orange zest, this makes a tasty gin mule with ginger ale and lime, a gin rickey with lime & club soda.  Light in juniper, this lets you enjoy summer anytime you want!  “One of the top 12 gins in the USA.”

What makes us different

Innovation, quality & passion

“At James Bay Distillers, our innovation drives us to explore and craft spirits that reflect the rich culinary culture of our region. Our unwavering commitment to quality is evident in every bottle we produce, ensuring that every sip is a premium experience. But beyond innovation and quality, it’s our passion for what we do that truly sets us apart. Each spirit is a testament to our love for distilling and our desire to share it with the world.”

At James Bay Distillers, we don’t settle for the traditional. We venture beyond the known, merging traditional techniques with international flavors. From a vodka with Eastern European and Russian techniques to a gin with Pacific Island botanicals, our innovation is what defines us.

Every spirit we produce is the result of a meticulous distillation process. We’re proud to say that out of our 11 spirits, 9 have been rated 90 points or higher in renowned competitions. For us, quality is non-negotiable.

Our passion is reflected in every detail, from ingredient choice to the distillation process. Co-founders Ernest & Leigh Troth have infused their love and dedication into every bottle, ensuring each spirit is a true representation of what James Bay Distillers stands for.


Crafting Excellence: The James Bay Distillers Journey

Located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, north of the 14,000-foot peak of Mount Rainier and a few miles south of the Strait of Juan de Fuca which separates the USA and Canada, James Bay Distillers, has crafted a collection of award-winning world-class sipping spirits:  whiskies, gins, vodka and a finocchietto. The distillery is just 20 miles north of Seattle, at a commercial airport – and in fact right between the runways!   Their spirits reflect the creativity and foodie culture of the region.  Each spirit is distinctive and carefully distilled with specific flavor goals in mind. Of their 11 spirits, 9 are rated 90-points and higher in local, national and international competitions.

Co-founders Ernest & Leigh Troth first started the company in British Columbia, before a pivot in 2018 to return to the USA.  While they have bourbon aging in the barrel room, they have released a range of internationally inspired spirits: there’s a bourbon-recipe Canadian, a French Martel-cognac cask finished whisky, a gin with Pacific Island botanicals, an Ecuadoran chocolate-infused whisky, a gin featuring a flavor pairing favored by the late Queen of England, a vodka distilled with East European & Russian techniques and an Italian finocchietto. They are the only craft distillery in the USA to release a Scotch-whisky under authority from the UK’s HMRC. 

“We love producing exciting new flavors that provide our customers great value and an affordable luxury.   Every spirit is a sipping spirit, tasty from the bottle served neat or over ice,” say the Troths.   New product development takes 6-24 months, from concept to bottling, with active input from local tasting panels.  “It takes time to ‘get it right,’ and there’s no short-cut when the goal is to produce super-premium products.”   Their local and national fan base of customers includes those with discerning tastes, an active interest in new spirits experiences and those who just love a spirit which tastes great!

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