Gindome: Distilling Tales, One Drop at a Time

"From Legendary Lore to Liquid Love: Begin Your Story with Gindome"


"Gin made for adventures"

Indulge in the thrill of exploration with Gindome Viking Dry Gin, a tribute to the adventurous spirit of the Estonian Vikings.

This award-winning gin, crowned with a gold medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022, encapsulates a historical voyage that unveils the hidden Viking influence along the Baltic Sea’s eastern shores.

Infused with a unique blend of botanicals like Angelica root, Coriander seed, Galanga, Juniper, Lemon peel, Nutmeg, Orris root, and more, every sip is a taste of adventure.

Perfect for bold cocktails or a classic gin and tonic, its robust aroma and smooth taste are your companions in crafting epic tales over a glass of gin.

Explore the unknown with Viking Dry Gin, and let every sip narrate a tale of the ancient voyagers.


"Gin history with a twist"

Indulge in a sip of history with Gindome’s Old Tom Gin, a tribute to the gin craze era. Its story traces back to the time when gin lovers quenched their thirst through clandestine exchanges under the paw of wooden cats, a tale as rich as its flavor.

Each sip offers a bouquet of botanicals including Angelica root, Coriander seed, Orris root, and Almonds, among others, a profile both sweet and smooth, thanks to the clever use of almonds.

This award-winning gin, perfect for cocktails, presents a unique blend of the old and the new, ensuring every gin and tonic or creative cocktail has that historical touch.

With Old Tom, you’re not just enjoying a drink, but a tale distilled over time.


"Barrel-Aged Gin"

Discover the grandeur of the sea with Admiral Barrel-Aged Gin, an epitome of traditional gin craftsmanship blended with a nautical heritage.

Inspired by the British Royal Navy’s gin tradition dating back to the Napoleonic wars, every sip is a voyage through history.

The meticulous aging process in oak barrels under the master distiller’s vigilant eye bestows a velvety smoothness and complex flavor profile.

The botanicals like Angelica root, Juniper, and a plethora of spices sail smoothly on your palate.

Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or concocted in a classic gin and tonic, the award-winning Admiral Gin is not just a drink, but an adventure waiting to unfold.

With every drop, toast to the bygone era of valiant admirals and age-old seafaring traditions.


"Gin made in celebration of the modern woman"

Indulge in the exquisite taste of Mermaid Navy Gin, a tribute to modern women and the distiller’s Danish origin, drawing inspiration from the classic tale of The Little Mermaid.

This award-winning gin boasts a splendid blend of botanicals including Angelica root, Juniper, Coriander seed, and many more, creating a well-balanced flavor profile.

It’s the perfect choice for sipping neat or mixing into a G&T or a variety of cocktails, letting the gin’s botanicals shine.

The exceptional taste and the lore enveloping Mermaid Navy Gin are sure to elevate your spirit, embodying the essence of adventure akin to Viking Dry Gin, another gem from The Hope Distillery.

Celebrate each sip with a gin crafted for the gods, and let the mermaid’s tale unfold with each drop!


"Gin made for the gods."

Ah, the mystical Ambrosia Gin, truly a beverage fit for the divine. Embark on a taste adventure to ancient Greece, where each sip tells the tale of nymph Ambrosia and the age-old traditions.

Handcrafted with a blend of Mediterranean botanicals like Juniper, Coriander seed, Angelica root, and Orris root, every drop is a celebration of legendary flavors.

The rich heritage encapsulated in this gin has not only mesmerized the gods but also the modern-day connoisseurs, earning accolades at prestigious contests.

Whether you savor it in a classic G&T or explore its essence in creative cocktails, the refreshing taste of Ambrosia is bound to elevate your spirits.

With a bouquet of spices unraveling in every sip, this gin is nothing short of a liquid odyssey!

What makes us different

Tradition, Craftsmanship & Adventure

Tradition, Craftsmanship, and Adventure are the quintessence of The Hope Distillery’s ethos. These pillars not only define our brand but also guide every drop of gin we craft. Our meticulous handcrafting process, intertwined with age-old traditions and a touch of adventure, births gins that are more than just beverages; they are stories waiting to unfold.

Tradition is not just a word; it’s our essence. The storied past of gin, its evolution, and its esteemed place in various cultures are cherished and honored in every creation at The Hope Distillery. Our gin pays homage to ancient practices while adding a modern twist, ensuring each sip is a journey through time.

Craftsmanship is our pledge to quality and excellence. The meticulous selection of botanicals, the careful distillation, and the passionate attention to every detail embody our relentless pursuit of perfection. Our craftsmen with years of experience pour their heart and soul into crafting gins that stand a class apart, offering a sublime experience to the connoisseur.

Adventure is the spirit that fuels our innovation. Inspired by the daring voyages of Vikings, the whimsical tales from the high seas, and the endless quest for discovery, each gin is a voyage of flavors. We invite the adventurers at heart to explore the uncharted territories of taste, to find their story in the heart of our spirited creations.

Our History: A Legacy of Spirits

"Distilling Timeless Tales into Exquisite Spirits"

From humble beginnings, The Hope Distillery has evolved into a haven of gin crafting, where the essence of age-old traditions melds seamlessly with a zest for adventure. Our story is not merely about distilling spirits, but about perpetuating a legacy, where every bottle encapsulates tales from bygone eras, ready to be unfolded in the present.

The narrative commenced with a profound respect for the ancient art of distillery, inherited from generations of skilled craftsmen. As narrated in our emblematic offerings like the Mermaid Gin and the Old Tom Gin, each creation pays homage to a distinctive epoch yet carries a contemporary signature. Our gins are a voyage through time, from the gin craze of yesteryears to the modern-day renaissance of this splendid spirit.

The Hope Distillery is not just a name, but a promise of hope to every gin aficionado. Our meticulous handcrafting process is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. It’s a journey that begins with the careful selection of the finest botanicals, transcending through a meticulous distillation process, and culminating in a bottle of gin that’s nothing short of a masterpiece.

The adventurous spirit of the Viking Dry Gin exemplifies our incessant quest for innovation. Drawing inspiration from the fascinating tales of the Estonian Vikings, it’s a tribute to the indomitable spirit of exploration that characterizes our brand. Similarly, the Ambrosia and Admiral Gins are a nod to the historical intertwines of gin with the realms of the divine and the daring voyages on the high seas, respectively.

Our journey is also about fostering a community of gin enthusiasts. It’s about creating moments of discovery, where each sip leads to a new story, a new adventure. This ethos is beautifully encapsulated in our invitation to gin lovers to begin their own story with a bottle of Gindome.

A sip of our gin is not just a taste of high-quality spirit, but an experience that transports you through time, across seas, and into tales of yore. Each creation is a narrative waiting to be told, a history waiting to be explored. As we continue to craft these liquid legacies, we invite you to be a part of our ongoing saga, to create and share your own stories with Gindome. Our history is not just about our journey, but about the countless stories that commence with the uncorking of a Gindome bottle.

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