Seize your moments. Sip thoughtfully. And love the now.

Life is made up of small extraordinary moments. With "End of Days," you will experience one of them that you can cross off your "bucket list."

port of entry series

port of entry


"Savor the Moment, Savor the Life"

Port of Entry Vodka, an award-winning spirit from End of Days Distillery, is a testament to the art of distillation. This ultra-premium vodka, distilled seven times and slow-filtered through carbon, is crafted from a 100% corn base. The result is a crisp, clean, and remarkably smooth drink that is both mixable and sippable. Its quality has been recognized at numerous competitions, earning accolades such as the NY International Spirits Comp’s North Carolina Vodka of the Year and a Gold Medal at the Denver International Spirits Comp. Whether enjoyed in a classic cocktail or savored neat, Port of Entry Vodka offers a superior drinking experience.

port of entry


"A Smooth Journey to Botanical Excellence"

“Port of Entry Gin, a creation of End of Days Distillery, is a testament to the relentless pursuit of premium botanicals. This exquisitely balanced gin is built on a super smooth, 100% corn base, distilled seven times prior to the nuanced infusing of juniper and other botanicals. The result is a spirit that is smooth, complex, and botanical, with the ability to shine in any mixed drink, from a Martini to a Gin & Tonic, or enjoyed neat. It’s gluten-free and has been recognized with numerous awards, including a Double Gold Medal at the SIP Awards and the 2021 Consumer Choice Award.”

port of entry


"A Delicate Dance of Sweet Cream and Butterscotch in Every Sip"

Port of Entry Rum, is a testament to the art of distilling. Made 100% from molasses and raw cane sugar, this white rum is a sweet yet buttery spirit that offers a wonderful mouthfeel and delicate tasting notes. Its flavor profile is complex without being overpowering, making it perfect for sipping straight or mixing into cocktails. The rum presents a crisp, clean taste with sweet cream and butterscotch notes that dance on the palate. Whether enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, Port of Entry Rum delivers an experience that is both satisfying and memorable.

butterfly pea flower gin



"Twilight Elixir: Unveiling the Mystical Dance of Flavors in Luna Bloom Gin"

Luna Bloom is a sensory delight, a spirit as enchanting as flowers turning towards the moon at twilight. This gin is perfectly balanced with juniper, spices, and citrus, creating a symphony of flavors that awaken the senses. The gin’s unique color-changing quality is a spectacle in itself, occurring as the pH balance of the drink changes. The addition of citrus to the alluring botanical elements not only enhances the flavor but also awakens curiosity and inspires the soul. This gin is distilled seven times from a 100% corn base and infused with 14 remarkable botanicals. The result is a spirit that is as beautiful in its complexity as it is in its aesthetic appeal. Luna Bloom invites you to celebrate your day with a spirit that embodies the beauty and mystery of twilight, a moment of transition and transformation.

castaway series

barrel rested


"A Tasty Masterpiece Aged to Perfection"

Barrel Rested Rum is a luxurious, flavorful, and balanced spirit that promises a decadent experience for the senses. Aged to perfection in a new American oak barrel with a medium toast and a No. 3 char for 5 to 6 months, it boasts a beautiful golden color and a smooth, velvety finish. The rum is characterized by notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak, offering a complex flavor profile that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and spice. This rum is a true indulgence, whether enjoyed neat or as the star of a cocktail. The distillery takes pride in crafting spirits that are truly exceptional, and the Barrel Rested Rum is no exception. It’s a crisp, clean spirit with sweet cream and butterscotch tasting notes, a testament to the distillery’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

barrel rested


"A Harmonious Blend of Botanicals and Oak, an Unforgettable Taste Experience"

Barrel Rested Gin is a harmonious blend of juniper and botanicals, with subtle notes of cardamom, rose hips, and lemongrass. This gin offers a complex and delightful taste experience that is both classic and innovative. The spirit is aged in a new American oak barrel with a medium toast and a No. 3 char for 5 to 6 months, which imparts a beautiful golden hue and a smooth, velvety finish that lingers on the palate. This process results in a gin that is smooth, complex, and unique. The Barrel Rested Gin has won the prestigious Platinum award at the SIP Awards, a testament to the passion and dedication of the skilled distillers at End of Days. This gin is hand-distilled and has an alcohol content of 45% by volume, or 90 proof. The experience of tasting this gin is unforgettable, making it a must-try for gin enthusiasts.

What makes us different

History, Sustainability, Quality Craftsmanship

“End of Days Distillery, where history meets sustainability and craftsmanship. Nestled in a preserved 1940s Quonset hut, we honor our roots by sourcing locally and recycling our spent grains, embodying a commitment to our community and the environment. Each small batch of our award-winning spirits is a testament to our dedication to quality, offering a taste of our unique character in every sip.”

End of Days Distillery, uniquely situated in a historic 1940s Quonset hut, blends history with spirits. Preserving the building’s original elements, it offers a unique character and a taste of the past in every bottle.

End of Days Distillery champions community and local sourcing. Ingredients, including grains, are locally sourced, and spent grains are recycled as animal feed. This commitment to sustainability ensures each sip supports the community and environment.

Synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, End of Days Distillery produces award-winning spirits in small batches. Their dedication to the art of distilling results in unique, flavorful experiences, making each bottle a testament to their industry excellence.


Savoring Life's Moments with Award-Winning Spirits Crafted in a Historic Setting

At End of Days Distillery, we believe in the power of moments, the beauty of the ‘here and now’, and the joy of savoring life one sip at a time. Our journey began in 2019 when our founders, Shane and Beth Faulkner, took possession of a historic 1940s Quonset hut building in Wilmington’s Cargo District. With a vision to create something special for our culturally rich city, we transformed this dilapidated structure into a state-of-the-art distillery, preserving its historical charm while infusing it with a new spirit.

Our name, “End of Days,” was born around a backyard fire, where stories about love, life, and the future often concluded with the phrase “At the end of the day‚Ķ” This phrase perfectly encapsulates our philosophy: to reflect on what we’re proud of, how we want to be remembered, and what marks we’re making on the world.

We’re proud to be Wilmington’s first distillery offering tours and tastings, and we’ve quickly become a beloved part of the local craft scene. Our Lounge, where guests can enjoy handcrafted cocktails featuring our award-winning spirits, is a testament to our commitment to quality and community. We’ve also been recognized for our efforts in preserving Wilmington’s history, winning the 2020 Preservation Award from the Historic Wilmington Foundation for the category of adaptive reuse.

Our spirits are crafted with care and dedication, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. From our Port of Entry Vodka, voted North Carolina’s top vodka of the year, to our unique American Single Malt, our products reflect our love for the craft and our commitment to excellence. We’ve also been at the forefront of legislative changes benefiting North Carolina distilleries, advocating for laws that foster growth and innovation in our industry.

As we look to the future, we’re excited about our expanding production capabilities, the launch of new products, and the opportunity to share our passion for distilling with more people. Whether you’re visiting our Lounge, enjoying one of our spirits at home, or crossing off an item from your bucket list with a glass of our finest in hand, we invite you to join us in celebrating the day at End of Days Distillery.

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