Sip the Legend: A Harmonious Blend of Myth and Mastery for Your Palate

"We elaborate elixirs as legendary as the tales that inspired them"


"Where Botanicals Meet Chivalry"

Flavour: Unveiling a complex profile, this gin is a harmonious blend of 15 botanicals, each contributing to its unique flavor. It’s a gin that captures the essence of chivalry and legend.

Nose: The first scent that greets you is a refreshing burst of juniper, followed by subtle hints of citrus from lemon and orange peels, and a touch of exotic ginger and lemongrass.

Palate: The gin reveals layers of complexity with the initial juniper kick complemented by a medley of spices like cardamom and rosemary, and a slight sweetness from liquorice root.

The gin leaves a long-lasting impression with a smooth, warm finish. The final notes are a delicate blend of lavender and elderflower, a fitting tribute to the legendary knight it’s named after.

Juniper, Coriander, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Ginger, Lemongrass, Green Pepper, Lavender, Elderflower, Liquorice Root, Orris Root, Angelica Root, Orange Blossom, Cardamom, Rosemary


"Mythical Flavours, Modern Craft"

Flavour: A bold and adventurous gin, SIGURD RHUBARB offers a unique twist on traditional gin flavors. With 12 distinct botanicals, it embodies the spirit of the Viking hero, Sigurd, and takes you on a journey through Norse mythology.

Nose: The aroma is a captivating blend of tart rhubarb and subtle spices like cardamom and ginger, evoking the adventurous spirit of Viking legends.

Palate: The initial taste is a surprising burst of tangy rhubarb, balanced by a complex array of spices like cardamom and basil. The addition of Earl Grey tea and dried rose petals adds a floral complexity.

Finish: The finish is long-lasting and memorable, with a final note of spiced rhubarb and elderflower that lingers on the palate, leaving you yearning for another sip.

Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Rhubarb, Lime Peel, Cardamon, Liquorice Root, Angelica Root, Elderflower, Dried Rose Petals, Earl Grey Tea, Basil, Ginger


"Berry Meets Mint, Legend Lives On"

Flavour: A delightful fusion of summer fruits and refreshing mint, this gin captures the essence of a knight’s summer in a bottle. With 11 unique botanicals, it offers a complex yet harmonious flavor profile.

Nose: The aroma is an inviting blend of ripe strawberries and fresh mint leaves, complemented by subtle notes of lime peel and basil.

Palate: The initial taste is a burst of juicy strawberries, followed by the cooling sensation of mint. The basil and Earl Grey tea add an unexpected twist, making it a truly unique gin experience.

Finish: The finish is clean and crisp, leaving a lingering note of mint and a subtle sweetness from the strawberries and elderflower.

Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Strawberry, Lime Peel, Basil, Mint, Elderflower, Camomile, Earl Grey Tea, Cardamon, Liquorice Root

What makes us different

Quality, Storytelling & Sustainability

In the Heart of Dragon Slayer Distillery lies a trinity of values that set us apart: Quality, Storytelling, and Sustainability. Each bottle we craft is a Symphony of Premium Botanicals, a canvas painted with the hues of ancient myths, and a pledge to the earth we all share. It’s not just gin; it’s an experience—a tale in every sip, a commitment in every drop.

Our relentless pursuit of quality begins with Bertha, our beloved still. She’s the alchemist that turns carefully selected botanicals into liquid gold. Every bottle that leaves our distillery is a testament to our unwavering commitment to premium craftsmanship.

Our gins are the protagonists in tales as old as time. From the chivalrous Sir John Conyers to the adventurous Sigurd, each spirit is a chapter in a never-ending epic, making you a part of the legend with every sip.

Our commitment to the earth is as strong as our roots in folklore. We employ eco-friendly distillation methods and use recyclable packaging, ensuring that our legendary tales don’t come at the planet’s expense.


"Distilling Legends, One Drop at a Time"

At Dragon Slayer Distillery, we don’t just make gin; we craft legends. Our journey began with a passion for storytelling and an ancestral love for distillation. Inspired by the myths of Sir John Conyers, Sir John Lambton, and the Viking hero Sigurd, we set out to create spirits that are as legendary as the tales they’re named after.

Our distillery is a family affair, deeply rooted in the folklore that has been passed down through generations. We believe that every bottle we produce is a liquid manuscript, telling the story of knights, dragons, and ancient heroes. Our still, affectionately named Bertha, is the heart of this storytelling process. With meticulous care, we blend botanicals and flavors that are as complex and nuanced as the legends themselves.

Quality is our watchword. Each gin we produce undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure it meets our high standards. Our Sir John Conyers London Dry, for example, is a harmonious blend of botanicals that meet chivalry, offering a knight’s tale in every sip. Our Sigurd Rhubarb is a Viking’s elixir, where every drop tells a tale of artisanal craft and timeless adventure. And our Sir John Lambton Strawberry & Mint is summer captured in a bottle, where berry meets mint, and the legend lives on.

But we’re not just about the past; we’re about the future too. We’re committed to sustainable practices that honor the earth as much as they honor the legends we’re inspired by. Our bottles are recyclable, and our distillation process is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible.

So, when you sip a Dragon Slayer Distillery gin, you’re not just enjoying a high-quality spirit; you’re partaking in a timeless tale that’s been crafted with love, care, and a dash of legendary magic.

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