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cape fear rum

"Experience Cape Fear's Vibrant Culture in Every Sip of Our Smooth, Award-Winning Rum!"

Cape Fear Rum™, a gem from the heart of the Cape Fear region, shares the same award-winning design as our Maritime Gin™! This rum is a testament to the spirit of the region, known for its natural beauty, lore, and charismatic people. Its smooth, butter-rum and coconut flavor is a delightful journey for your palate, reminiscent of the world-class beaches that the region is known for. Each sip is a celebration of the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into its production, promising an experience that will have you hooked. It’s more than just a drink, it’s a taste of Cape Fear’s vibrant culture and tradition.


"Savor the Heart of Blue Agave: A Tequila Crafted with Time-Honored Tradition"

To produce this wonderful blue agave tequila, Cape Fear Distillery partnered with one of the oldest tequila distilleries in Mexico. Our special production technique requires the agave pinas to be trimmed close to the heart with little green leafy exposure, eliminating waxy texture and ensuring cleaner distillation. The agave is then cooked slowly in centuries-old stone brick ovens to retain its sweet, natural, mellow flavors. After shredding the agave juice is fermented for 48-60 hours (mass produced tequilas are fermented only 10-12 hours) to produce a full-bodied flavor. Finally, the agave juice is twice-distilled in alembic “pot stills,” eliminating volatile alcohols and enriching the ABV content to 55% before bottling. iSalud!

GameFish Vodka

"A Splash of Artistry in Every Bottle & a Tribute to the Ocean's Grace and Strength"

We are proud to partner with international marine wildlife artist, Steve Goione to bring you GameFish Vodka ™.  Steve is known worldwide for his uncanny ability to capture the strength and grace of marine life.  His art is found in some of the world’s top yacht and corporate commissions as well as the world’s top gamefish tournaments.

Alex Munroe, owner of Cape Fear Distillery, recently formed the Cape Fear Distillery Conservation Foundation, supporting U.S. coastal ecological initiatives through the distillery’s sales. According to Munroe, “This is the American way. We celebrate our region’s natural resources through a beautiful product like Game Fish Vodka™ and give back to those natural resources with the product’s success.”


"Experience the Spirit of the South: A Hand-Crafted Gin Infused with Coastal Charm and Tradition."

From the fertile farmlands of its coastal plain to the silty estuaries of its headland, the Cape Fear region is known for its natural beauty, lore, and charismatic people. This enchanting locale is also the birthplace of our hand-crafted Gin, a spirit that embodies the Southern lifestyle. Refreshing like an ocean breeze, it’s the perfect companion for a dockside gathering or a quiet moment by the seashore. Each sip carries the essence of the salt air and a hint of the expansive blue ocean. But it’s more than just a drink. It’s a testament to the art of distillation, a process steeped in tradition and refined over time. Our Gin is a celebration of the Cape Fear region’s rich heritage, a tribute to its vibrant culture, and a toast to its warm and welcoming people. It’s a taste of the South, a taste of home. So, here’s to the spirit of Cape Fear, captured in a bottle. Here’s to the moments that make life worth savoring. Here’s to us. Cheers!


"Experience the Beach in a Bottle: Unleash the Fun with BEACH BLAST™ Coconut Rum Cream!"

The Cape Fear region is known for its natural beauty, lore and charismatic people.  It’s also known for its world-class beaches.  And no one loves the beach more than us!

We’re happy to share our BEACH BLAST™ Coconut Rum Cream, a delightful addition to your favorite cocktails, a cup of coffee or just over ice.  A great companion on the boat or sipping by the seashore.   Smooth and fun like a day at the beach.

Have a blast!


Coconut Rum Cream

What makes us different

Artisanal, Distinctive, conservation-minded

Cape Fear Distillery, with its artisanal approach, crafts distinctive spirits that encapsulate the essence of tradition and innovation. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their award-winning products, and their dedication to environmental conservation showcases a vision that extends beyond distillation, aiming to make a positive difference in the world. This multifaceted approach sets Cape Fear Distillery apart in the landscape of spirits.

Cape Fear Distillery embodies the spirit of artisanal craftsmanship in every bottle. Their spirits are not mass-produced; instead, each batch is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques, infused with a touch of innovation. This artisanal approach ensures a unique, high-quality product that truly represents the heart and soul of their distillery.

Cape Fear Distillery’s commitment to excellence has earned them numerous accolades, a testament to their exceptional quality and flavor. These awards are not just symbols of recognition, but a reflection of their dedication to creating spirits that stand out in a crowded market, offering a distinctive taste experience that sets them apart.

Beyond their focus on crafting high-quality spirits, Cape Fear Distillery is deeply committed to environmental conservation. They understand the importance of sustainable practices, not just in their production process, but also in their business model. A portion of the sales from certain products is donated to ecological initiatives, underscoring their commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

our history

"From Humble Beginnings to National Recognition: The Cape Fear Distillery Story. A Journey of Innovation, Quality, and Conservation"

Drawing from the rich history and natural beauty of the Cape Fear region, Cape Fear Distillery has been crafting award-winning spirits with a unique, artisanal touch since its inception. Nestled in the heart of Southeastern North Carolina, it was the first distillery to grace the region, starting its journey with a humble gin production in a small room with a single pot still. The gin, a delightful blend of juniper, citrus, and a hint of lavender, quickly gained national recognition, prompting the distillery to expand its operations.

In response to the growing demand, Cape Fear Distillery moved to a larger facility, equipped with larger stills and complete manufacturing capabilities. Today, it proudly produces five distinct spirits, each carrying the Cape Fear name, known and loved across the country. The distillery’s offerings now include rum, sourced from local molasses, a six-year-old whiskey, a two-year-old bourbon, and a soon-to-be-released vodka, in addition to the gin that started it all.

The distillery’s commitment to quality and authenticity is evident in its production process. For instance, the Solera Whiskey, a product of a painstakingly arduous and time-consuming process, has been in the works since 2015. This unique method involves a cascading effect of transferring whiskey between three tiers of barrels, ensuring a consistent, complex flavor that is hard to find elsewhere.

Cape Fear Distillery’s spirits have not only won multiple national and international awards for taste and design but have also found their way to shelves in restaurants and ABC stores in Las Vegas, Florida, and other parts of the country. The distillery’s commitment to conservation is also noteworthy, with a portion of the sales from some products going towards supporting U.S. coastal ecological initiatives.

Cape Fear Distillery’s journey is a testament to its dedication to crafting high-quality spirits while preserving and celebrating the region’s natural resources. As it continues to grow and innovate, it remains rooted in its commitment to quality, authenticity, and environmental stewardship, setting it apart in the world of spirits.

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