Black Market® Spirits is a socially responsible, California craft distillery with a portfolio of synergistic and exciting brands that  reach across all generations.


Notorious swashbuckler cleo lythgoe is legendary for her exploits of supplying bootlegged liquor to deprived americans during prohibition. Her beauty was matched by her wit and willingness to do what it took to avoid the law while running a smuggling empire. Cleo gin is a celebration of her passion and prowess. Like cleo, our gin exudes personality. Each handcrafted batch is a well-balanced amalgamation of botanicals. Predominant juniper is tempered with notes of blood orange citrus, chamomile, herbal notes of hyssop and meadowsweet, a hint of spearmint, and rounded out with a touch of sweetness. We hope cleo’s story continues to be as much an inspiration to you as she is to us.

-Modern gin
-Small batch maceration with 13 botanicals
-Distilled on 150 gallon copper pot still
-Bottled in santa barbara to 92 proof
-Bottle is coated rose gold – transparent coating for inventory purposes 



Old kentucky heritage meets california’s iconic beaches, mountains, and cities to form an amazingly inventive rye whiskey. We are especially proud to be working with kentucky’s 10th oldest distillery. Our laid-back california style meets kentucky’s time tested whiskey traditions and techniques. This 95/5 rye whiskey is aged for 3 years in kentucky then sent to our distillery in california to be proofed down to 90%. A true original.

-Distilled in owensboro, kentucky at dsp #10
-Three year rye – 95% rye, 5% malted barley
-Cut and bottled in santa barbara to 90 proof
-Bottle is coated matte black with uv protection to maintain shelf life


The modern prohibition from our green leafed friend is still in full effect, but that didn’t stop us from creating Kaya, the ultimate Black Market Botanical Spirit distilled with hemp seed. Enjoy our brazen approach to creating a spirit like no other. So, sit back, relax, and pass the Kaya on “the left-hand side.”

-Small batch maceration
-Hemp seed and citrus botanicals
-Distilled on 150 gallon copper pot still
-Bottled in Santa Barbara to 70 proof
-Bottle is coated matte Green

Made with vodka, hemp seed, citrus and other natural flavors.

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