"Exceptional spirits for extraordinary experiences. Immerse yourself in the warm sensation of an intimate, flowing conversation that transports you to another dimension."


"An Unconventional American Craft Masterpiece"

Aimsir Distilling Company’s Aitil House Gin is a distinctive American craft gin, developed over years of careful experimentation in their Portland distillery. Straying from traditional juniper-focused recipes, it incorporates a bouquet of botanicals, resulting in a lusher, rounder, and more beguiling flavor profile. Aromas of raspberry and peach merge with lemongrass, fresh berries, and aromatic rose on the palate, rounded off with a subtly spicy finish of cardamom and cinnamon. Released in December 2020, Aitil House Gin swiftly gained international recognition, winning prestigious awards, featuring in Forbes and Wine Enthusiast, and even making its way to Antarctica.

a festive holiday gin

"Experience the Spirit of the Season with Aimsir's Award-Winning, A Festive Holiday Gin"

Aimsir’s “A Festive Holiday Gin” is a celebration in a bottle. Drawing from the craft distillery’s unwavering commitment to quality, this gin flawlessly encapsulates the festive season’s spirit. It champions bold, robust flavors without sacrificing smoothness, creating a unique sipping experience. The expertly curated botanical blend evokes the quintessential warmth of the holidays, offering a taste journey that pushes traditional gin boundaries. The distillery’s dedication to craftsmanship resonates in every sip, reflecting their award-winning excellence. As a silver medalist at the 2023 ADI, this seasonal gin offers not just a superb drink, but a shared celebration with Aimsir Distilling Company.


"Aimsir Distilling's Limited Release Rosé Gin: A Unique Blend of Resilience and Elegance"

Aimsir Distilling’s limited release Rosé Gin is a unique spirit distilled from Willamette Valley wine damaged by wildfires, a tribute to the challenges of 2020. The gin features botanicals inspired by a Rosé wine, including fresh berries, hibiscus, peach, and pink peppercorn, which complement the earthy notes of the Willamette Valley terroir. With a nose of bright summer notes and a balanced body, the gin finishes clean. Best served slightly chilled and neat, its high botanical flavor also pairs well with classic gin cocktails. Aimsir, a Gaelic word meaning time and place, encapsulates the company’s belief in creating extraordinary moments through shared drinks.


"A Quadruple-Distilled Masterpiece from Aimsir Distilling, Coming Late Summer 2022"

Ingredients matter in our Portland distillery—especially for craft vodka. A delicate vodka flavor means there’s nowhere to hide. That’s why we chose French wheat as the base for our Astrid Vodka. It’s quadruple-distilled, giving our specialty vodka a rich texture, subtle sweetness, and incredibly clean finish. We bottle this at a slightly higher proof, which makes cocktails sing.

vætir aquavit

"Vættir Aquavit: A Tribute to Norse Mythology and a Celebration of Nature's Bounty"

The Vættir are the supernatural entities of Norse mythology, encompassing everything from tiny house spirits to enormous giants. Vættir Aquavit liquor pays tribute to the mysterious ways of the old gods with a beguiling combination of botanical flavors like star anise, caraway, fennel, and citrus peel. Taking inspiration from the Scandinavian Midsummer tradition—Aimsir Distilling’s Vættir Aquavit debuts in time to celebrate light, warmth, and connection to nature. Vaettir Aquavit spirit features a smooth and herbaceous body. Star anise, caraway, fennel and citrus peel create a deep aroma and body. This complex and bold Aquavit alcohol is made for sipping and takes the classic aquavit cocktails to a bold new level. Try Vættir Aquavit in a Nordic Summer, an Aquavit Negroni, or add a splash of citrus. Sip this and enjoy celebrating light, warmth, and a deeper connection to nature.

cold brew bourbon

"Celebrating the Fusion of Flavors: Aimsir's Award-Winning Cold Brew Bourbon"

Aimsir Distilling Company’s Cold Brew Bourbon is a unique blend of two great flavors: their signature wheated bourbon and Portland’s local Junior’s Roasted Coffee cold brew. This innovative fusion, reminiscent of Irish ingenuity meeting Pacific Northwest café culture, offers a rich caramel aroma, bold coffee flavors, and a smooth bourbon base. Sweet and bitter notes mingle, resulting in a lingering blend of bitter and sour on the finish. Versatile in its use, it can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or in a variety of cocktails, and even adds a flavorful twist to your morning coffee. In 2022, this award-winning Cold Brew Bourbon was recognized by the San Francisco Spirits Competition and the American Distilling Institute.

What makes us different

Quality, Passion, and Connection.

At Aimsir Distilling Company, our ethos is defined by Quality, Passion, and Connection. Our unwavering commitment to quality results in award-winning spirits that resonate with customers. Our passion fuels innovation, pushing boundaries in distilling. This, coupled with our dedication to quality, fosters deep connections with our customers. Aimsir is more than a distillery; it’s a celebration of quality, a testament to passion, and a catalyst for connection, creating extraordinary moments and lasting memories.

 At Aimsir Distilling Company, we are unwavering in our commitment to product quality. From our inaugural Aitil House Gin to our latest Astrid Vodka, each of our spirits has won the highest awards available, a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our team is driven by a genuine passion for what they do. This passion extends beyond the liquid in the bottle. It’s about the care and dedication we pour into every step of the process, from selecting fresh and local ingredients to the painstaking craftsmanship of our distillation process.

We believe in the power of spirits to bring people together, to make memories, build bridges, and crystalize the moment. We aim to create lasting connections with our customers, providing not only exceptional products but also personalized service and an unforgettable journey through the world of premium spirits.



"Aimsir Distilling Company: Crafting Exceptional Spirits and Extraordinary Moments in Portland, Oregon"

Introducing The Aimsir Distilling Company, a young and highly distinguished craft distillery based in Portland, Oregon. We are dedicated to producing exceptional spirits that elevate extraordinary moments. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to product quality and the genuine passion we invest in our staff, our products, and our customers. Since our opening in December 2020, we have created an adventurous and fun environment for people to explore amazing spirits with friends and family.

We opened The Aimsir Distilling Company with the simple principle that providing the highest quality spirits would create extraordinary moments for people. Our inaugural product, Aitil House Gin, lived up to that initial promise, receiving numerous national and international accolades, including the prestigious titles of 2021 American Distilling Institute Best in Class Gin and Wine Enthusiast Top 100 Spirits of 2021. Since then, all of our products have won the highest awards available to them, from our Cold Brew Bourbon winning 2022 ADI Best Flavored Whiskey to our latest release, Astrid Vodka, winning 2023 ADI Best in Class Vodka. This exceptional quality resonates with customers and cultivates a passionate and dedicated following of people who seek out this level of excellence.

For us, distilling is an art form that extends beyond the liquid in the bottle. It is a testament to the care and dedication we pour into every step of the process. It’s the talented and passionate distillers, empowered to use their creativity to push boundaries and showcase their expertise. It’s this culture of love and respect we foster for ourselves and our customers that drives us to consider their satisfaction paramount, ensuring that every bottle we produce meets our exacting standards. From the moment we select fresh and local ingredients to the painstaking craftsmanship of our distillation process, we take immense pride in delivering an unparalleled taste experience. Our goal is to create lasting connections with our customers, providing not only exceptional products but also personalized service and an unforgettable journey through the world of premium spirits.

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